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The Guagagnini cello neck is set - final trimming of the button and the heel and neck. Once finished - the fingerboard
is coming off for varnishing. It's just lightly tacked - and on this I have experimented with two 2mm brass locating pins
either end. They remove after glueing and serve to keep the board central. This makes it easier when refitting the board - as
you can leave some final neck shaping until once its back on. The neck is not varnished - just sealed and rubbed with Tung oil.

With the neck off for varnishing one invaribaly gets varnish on the face at the heel and nut area - also the neck can move slightly -
so its best to leave the projection slightly high - and the neck profile slightly oversized. Re-shooting both true means the fingerboard may
not exactly line up with the edges at the stock. The nut line is easy to center again - but the stock end is awkward, hence the pins.

Flickr pic of pin here ( new window )