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The Guadagnini cello top prepared for glueing. This one shot nicely with little fuss - its like that sometimes !
I use a no 7 old Stanley jointer for the cellos, with the odd tweak with the smaller Veritas low angle jack. The jointer blade is ground
absolutely flat on a diamond stone and then a trued up 4000 grit wetstone.The white is a cigarette paper - my standard way for
testing joins for true. They are 0.01 mm thick and should nip under just the weight of the top plate wherever its placed.
The ends are shaped square to the joint - and once the jont is rubbed, a sash clamp is placed 'end on' at either
end and carefully and evenly tightened. Their purpose is not to pull the joint close. They serve to guard against any movement of the plate from the
dampness of the glue prior to it fully hardening. Its very important to tighten these very slightly, each one in turn evenly - so as not to disturb the grabbed
glue join. From roughing out on the bandsaw - this joint took me 45 mins !